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Posted by ViPirate on November 14, 2009 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)


It is the most basic of human gestures. Wanted by those who feel in need and desire to love, or simply to express yourself in a moment of

Love, Joy, Care, Missing or Comfort!

We are losing the track, of a gesture steeped in centuries of culture!

So many times we do it in the comfort of mutual feelings, in a moment of our lives, however, we distance ourselves without realizing it, as victims of collateral damage!


øø ¸„øø ¸„øø



Urban Expression Like iT iS!

Posted by ViPirate on November 12, 2009 at 11:00 PM

The other face of Facebook

Posted by ViPirate on October 13, 2009 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)


This week on TV was reporting every day with Joaquin Lopez Doriga

(Mexican journalist) on Facebook, Hi5, Myspace, Sonic, etc and how dangerous they are.

It comes a report in the daily Milenio newspaper, about how the kidnappers have

as a source of reliable information and to blogs, Facebook and Hi5. Interviewed say kidnappers and entering the network and see the faces, the

home, cars, travel photos and know the social and economic level have who are there. Already one of them on television had said that before battling long to recognize candidates for kidnapping, but now with Facebook and the information voluntarily on the net we no longer have to merge or investigate where they live or what school studying and where they travel and who are its potatoes, siblings and friends. That happened with Alejandro Marti (Young Mexican killed by his hijackers) who all became. The family has just closed his blog after becoming count of the number of potentially dangerous information that the youth had there happily and without suspecting that he was arming Protect those who killed their Put on children and you, and do not put dangerous information into the network.


Facebook is selling the information of its users to the highest bidder. quote: 'What many users do not know is that according to the conditions of contract that virtually assume when you click in the 'accept', users will Facebook give exclusive and perpetual property of all information and pictures they publish. "In fact, highlight the expert members not automatically authorize use Facebook perpetual and transferable, with the rights of distribution or public display of everything posted on their website." Terms of Use Facebook reserves for the right to grant and sublicense all "user content" to other businesses. Without their consent, many users find their photos made in advertising, transforming a private business in public endorsements. Suddenly everything published its affiliates, including their personal photos, his political inclination, the state of their relationships, individual interests and to the location of the house, was posted without your express consent to thousands of users. Believe him when Mr. Melber said that many employers to assess gringos Facebook reviewing resumes for applicants intimate knowledge of testing a page on Facebook is not private at all was evident in a famous case where John Brown University has expelled a student when he discovered a photograph that hung in Facebook dress transvestite Other evidence came when a Secret Service agent visited the University of Oklahoma sophomore Saul Martinez by a published commentary against President .. And to make matters worse, the case does not ends if the user decides to withdraw even when users cancel the membership, their photos and information remain on board, according to Facebook, in case you decide to reactivate your account is more, the user is not removed even when they die. According to the 'terms of use, "the mourners can not force that Facebook's pick Data and images of their relatives, since when the deceased took the virtual contract will Facebook awarded the right to 'keep it active under a special status

commemoration for a period of time determined by us to allow other users to publish and see comments about the deceased.

"Facebook users know that they are helpless participants in a scenario, academics describe as the largest espionage case in the history of mankind. By the way unconsciously become the precursors of the phenomenon of 'Big Brother' is watching. Direct reference to the abuse of state interference in private affairs of citizens common to control their social behavior, subject of a novel deep premonitory written in 1932 by the British Aldous Huxley 'Brave New World."



Posted by ViPirate on October 1, 2009 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

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Posted by ViPirate on September 30, 2009 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

twitter.png picture by ViPirate1

I saw a tweet pop up in my Twitter at 3:07am of today! Touting and its ability to get you 400 followers a day. (Other similar, possibly affiliated services are,, and

I took a look at their homepage and read the fine print. While the advantage of gaining mass numbers of random twitter followers is debatable, the real problem with this service is that they use your account for further promotion of their site. And if you don?t read the rules, you freely give them your Twitter account login and password, and they don?t hesitate to take advantage of this.


- See this complaint from a Twitter user wherein they cancelled their account, changed their twitter password, and were then locked out of their account because Tweeterfollow was still attempting to spam their account with the old login info.

See the comments in this thread on how to prevent tweeterfollow from locking you out of your account. Be aware it does requiring changing your username, which they indicate will allow you to retain your followers but people won't be able to @reply to your old username.

On a Twitter test account, I got only 25/50 followers in 24 hours (while having to follow 151 others), so take their claims of 400+ followers a day with a grain of salt. The number of followers may ramp up but it's certainly not 400+ out of the gate. See also this review indicating that the claim of XXX followers a day may be bogus.


Be sure to read the rules, which state.

You have to add all vip users and 20 regular users to join the train.

We may use your account to promote our services, with the exception of VIP account.

The fee for VIP is non-refundable.

 -After payment, give us up to 6 hours to update your VIP status

If you fail to read these rules, you end up handing over your account information, and they will use your account to tweet their own promotions. The website shows nearly 9000 members.


A Google search turns up cries for help from people attempting to opt out of the service after uses their account to spam promotions.

If you have already signed up and now you want out, login to and close your account via the links provided. For good measure, change your Twitter password after you have closed your account.

Moral of the story: always read the fine print.

- Additional services that reserve the right to hijack your account for their own site promotion:




After publish this, i just check it and the website still down since nearly 3h00 until now without information on! Something is rong!!!




Posted by ViPirate on September 25, 2009 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)


"In search of my reality, I had found my mission in life"

I walked the paths of desire to find the dominant source of fires

I feel unattainable desire draw the paths that will guide me to my destination cross

I met good people and evil, a mixture of happiness and despair,

I enjoyed the happiness of the victorious

Trying to reach it, is a very strong desire that runs through all the veins of the body through the brain

I feel that the reality on the way through me, grief, mourning and not reach ...

want to quit but I can not, I have to reach it, my life depends on it.

I gave my strength to those who are persecuted by fate, with his troubled soul, incorporated them in my wings, in order to give you peace

Between the clouds and the sea, the deviations are not premit as there is a chasm that impinges upon us

Scams insessantes not let you browse by illusions, the path must end ... I want deserved peace for all, not the frustration of a failure.

I want the heaven that i design in mind, not the recollections like no others...

Oh my freshness sound source is odd in my destiny tarcar flame ...

My breath hot lit the clouds and the sky was on fire, I can not help my wings are broken in a fall.

Smashed on the floor, I felt the cold grip of death pointed to my heart, colors, smells disappeared, sounds of silence ... as to become a legend.

in memory, ready for last flight through the windmill for eternity ...

People have lost faith in love and happiness, sinking in a sea of doubt and suffocation

Great bote, do not leave without taking me, i'll feel I no longer get to heaven. GIVE ME PEACE OH LORD!

"The value of things..."

Posted by ViPirate on September 25, 2009 at 9:31 AM Comments comments (0)

              The value of things is not the time that they last, but the intensity with which they occur. So there are unforgettable moments, inexplicable things and incomparable people ... Sharing feelings. All we have depends on how we look at things. If we have love, friends, health, good humor and positive attitudes towards life, then we have everything! If we are poor in spirit we have nothing!



Posted by ViPirate on September 24, 2009 at 11:00 AM



For the people intrested on site, thank you. Now by the ideas coming, we will post them! You can post by sign up, or just comment but feel free to do it! However, do not spam post the links with title (ex: MARGEM-SUL), take care when you comment, dont post any type of sexual images! Thats all we ask for, don't forghet, you can found here people with 8 or 88 years, so... Enjoy it!!!